At we run certified TEFL courses in partnership with language academy

Our TEFL courses and certificates require 180hours of training and are sponsored by our partners (course fees (800€) and/or full accommodation) under the program #NativoEnCasa.

As a sponsored student you have the same course and certificate as a premium student who pays full fees and accommodation. You help others learn the languages you speak as well as your culture, stories, hobbies and abilities.

You also help a family in Spain and enjoy being with their children in exchange of a private room and  meals. For long stays (over 2 months) you may receive some pocket money plus travel expenses, wifi, etc. During your time off you will be able to visit many places in Spain and sometimes (if you want) enjoy holidays with family. Please note that night life will be restricted to your days off.

Interested? Send us your request indicating dates, times and a telephone number to set up an interview via skype, whatsapp, telegram or viber.

Contact us if you are interested