At we run certified TEFL courses in partnership with language academy

Our TEFL courses and certificates require 180hours of training and are sponsored by our partners (course fees (900€) and/or full accommodation) under the program #NativoEnCasa.

As a sponsored student you have the same course and certificate as a premium student who pays full fees and accommodation if you register under the #NativoEnCasa program. If you do, you also help a family in Spain and enjoy being with their children in exchange of a private room and  meals. For long stays (over 2 months) you may receive some pocket money plus travel expenses, wifi, etc. During your time off you will be able to visit many places in Spain and sometimes (if you want) enjoy holidays with family. Please note that night life may be restricted to your days off.

Please note that this is not a traditional, theory-based course. There are no compulsory lectures and there are no exams. It is a course based on building your own TEFL portfolio based on Educational Design Thinking. You are not required to have any previous knowledge in teaching or EDT, just your motivation to learn activelly. You will be able to help others learn the languages you speak as well as your culture, stories, hobbies and abilities.

We believe in learning by doing and our method is based on this principle for both teachers and their students. “Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results” (John Dewey). 

We enhance the very well supported Experiential Learning (EXL) approach with Educational Design Thinking (EDT) methodology to build trainee’s TEFL portfolios, giving value to the skills acquired.

It is possible to find plenty of theory about these methodologies with support of many years of documented experiences. However, we do not recommend spending much time reading about it. Instead, we encourage motivated and committed  candidates to try it out.

It is normal to experience some anxiety about  making mistakes when going out of your comfort zone, however, it is making mistakes when learning occurs. We encourage our trainees not to hide their anxiety or mistakes as they are both natural sources of their learning. The EXL & EDT methodologies will make sure this happens in the most efficient manner. 

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