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Initiation to Coaching for Educative Centers.

Course of Educational Coaching and individual practical tutoring.

For teachers and school management. The course is 10 hours long and requires a minimum of 3 attendants (maximum 20).

  • Educational Coaching in the educational Context. Three 2-hour workshops.

Course Contents:

i. What is Coaching? Origin and History

ii. Types of Coaching: personal and business.

iii. Educational Coaching

iv. Coaching and learning

v. Process of Coaching

vi. Objectives and action plans.

Cost: 360 euros per group.

    • Individual practical tutoring. Assessment from each individual teacher’s class. Experts from will shadow (without interacting) a particular class to find different topics of discussion with the teacher. Observations are based in learning-teaching processes and 10 coaching parameters. During these four hours (two hours of observation and two of individual feedback after each lesson) both the positive aspects and areas of improvement will be discussed.

Cost: 120 euros per teacher.

A certificate will be awarded to successful participants.

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Workshop for students (aged between 3 and 18). The workshop has a length of one hour and it is possible to be conducted during the regular time table or as an after-school activity.

Workshop contents: knowledge about basic emotions (happiness, sadness, fear and anger) and Goleman’s six types of leadership. The ideal group is one class from the same grade, but any group between 3 and 30 students can benefit. Objectives: improvement of emotional intelligence (knowledge and self-control) and leadership. These skills are essential for both personal and professional success.

Cost: 90 euros per group.

Educational Coaching seminar for families. 1 hour. This seminar provides a practical explanation about Educational Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and NLP so that parents can support their children’s development.

Cost: 90 euros per group.

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At we also have more advanced courses leading to a diploma.