Coaching to learn or teach languages

Coaching can help anyone who finds learning a language challenging to improve in these three areas:

  1. Making the experience of interacting in the language and learning it pleasant.
  2. Maintain a high level of motivation until the learning objective is achieved
  3. Develop effective language learning strategies.

From coaching, the objective of “learning a language with personal well-being and in an effective way” is set.

The approach of the coaching process will be the same as that of personal coaching.

The sessions (between 6 and 8) last about 90 minutes and can be face-to-face, blended and online (videoconferences with material support on our web platform with personalized access).

The coaching process to learn languages ​​costs 540€ in its entirety in any modality.

  • This process can be complemented with language classes with bilingual teachers for students of any language.
  • This process can be complemented with certified Language Coaching for teachers of any language.

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